SlateHouse Realty

Representing Montgomery  and surrounding counties homeowners and future homeowners, Kelly is committed to listening to her clients' needs and utilizing her keen negotiating skills to ensure a successful real estate transaction. 


Kelly understands  what it is like to stand in her clients' shoes. Having moved several times-buying and building new homes of her own-has afforded Kelly a sensitivity towards her clients'journey, which can be attributed to the first hand perspective she gained through her own personal experience. Now a long time resident  of the area, Kelly has gained a full understanding of the diverse needs of families in the community. 


Kelly has built a solid foundation of clients in the community through her professionalism, attention to detail, and her commitment to always put her clients' needs first. 


In her free time, you will most likely find Kelly at the gym where she focuses on her fitness. Kelly is a certified trainer for over 10 years who motivates others to look and feel their best.